(Bilbao Web Fest is a nonprofit and everything goes for creators and the festival)

– EARLY/PRONTO (hasta 30 Abril/Until April 30) – 31 Euros
> REGULAR (May 1 – June 15/ 1 Mayo- 15 Junio) – 42 Euros
– LATE (16 June to 16 August /16 Junio – 3 Agosto) – 55 Euros

> EARLY/ REGULAR (Hasta/Until 15/06) – 11 Euros
– LATE (Hasta/Until  03/08 ) – 15 Euros

*IAWTV/ JTS/ STREAMNOW 15% DISCOUNT ON WEBSERIES- Enter Code – Don’t pay in Form, We will email you the discount link. No refunds if you don’t follow instructions.


1- The contest Is open to all those creators who have a web series: a serialized content having at least three episodes and distributed (at least presented) only on the Internet.

2- Every web series may participate, no matter when it is created and / or distributed.

3- The sender confirms to be 18 or more, plus the producer (a) / Director (s) / creator (a) or acting on behalf of / as / as. Authors are authors or have express written permission of all rights, both images and sounds and soundtrack. The person submitting the webseries will assume all charges in case any legal accusation regarding these rights. The festival is not responsible for this rule is breached.

4- All registration fees are non-refundable and the event can be canceled without notice or celebrated online. The Comitee’s and Jury’s decision is final and unappelable.

5- Webseries will be judged on the basis of technical quality and technical-creative merit of their creators. We will not take the language and origin into account but must necessarily have subtitles in English and / or Spanish. Those series in foreign language must be subtitled in English, those in English, Spanish.

6- The complete form must be filled in, and provide the links to all the episodes (they can be private, but should be hanged online). Details about the webseries can be modified by the festival if deemed necessary. The fees, one for each series and / or trailer shall be paid, but the registration will not be effective. The inscription fee is considered a donative to help the creation of the festival.

7- The organizing committee and jury members may not enter the competition categories.

8-The organization will communicate with the participants via email and/or social media. The organization is not responsible if it was not introduced correctly in the form. If the prize winner has not attended the gala and does not claim the award past 15 days, it will not be effective.

9- The organization is not responsible for the shipping of trophies by post. If participants do not attend the event and want to be send the prize bear the costs themselves. If you are a winner, you can order a replica trophy to have more than one for each award, if the winner deals with the costs involved in producing and sending a second statuette.

10- By filling in this form, you agree on the use of the web series for display, and the use of parts thereof, images and written outreach materials, in order to promote the festival and the creators.

11- The organization reserves the right to modify these rules and the informations and categories provided by the submitted webseries, if it is considered opportune.

12- The competition categories are:

A- WEBSERIES: Of the webseries submitted for the contest, there will be a first class OFFICIAL SELECTION and a second category, with the series that are worth revisiting, AMETSA. Each web series will be eligible for more than one award. The categories and awards may change if the festival thinks it is necessary.

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION (Trophy and diploma):
  • Txapela Best Director
  • Best Web Series
  • Best Leading Actor
  • Best Leading Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Ensemble Cast
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Photography
  • Best Sound
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Editing
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Costume & Make Up
  • Best Docu / Mokumentary / Non-fiction
  • Best Comedy / Dramedy
  • Best Drama / Thriller
  • Best Opening
  • Best Scifi / Fantasy / Horror
  • Best Action / Adventure
  • Innovative technical or Narrative

In the category AMETSA (Diploma) opt for the awards

  • Best Ametsa
  • Mention Best Script
  • Mention Best Photography
  • Mention Best Direction
  • Mention Best Actor
  • Mention Best Actress
  • Mention Best Sketch
  • Mention Best “Back From the Future”

All the series OFFICIAL SELECTION and AMETSA compete for the following:

  • At least one 3 year Distribution Contract from Rockzeline
  • Direct Official Selection for Miami Web Fest
  • Direct Official Selection for Latino Web Fest
  • Direct Official Selection for Sicily Web Fest
  • Special IAWTV Award
  • Mention Pro-Human Rights
  • Mention of Honor Webvee Guide with special guest Interview
  • Mention of Honor Snobby Robot with special guest Interview
  • Mention of honor Santutxu y más with special guest Interview
  • Mention of Honor Web Series Mag with special guest Interview
  • Mention of honor De Ruting with special guest Interview

TRAILER category

  • Best Trailer
  • Best FAKE trailer

In the REAL section, those trailers for a completed webseries can compete. In the FAKE section, only those that have not been created and will not be created at any times will be accepted. The person violating this rule will be responsible of any legal dispute. The shortest trailers have priority.

In the event that funding is found, there will be at least one economic prize. In the case of special mentions WebveeGuide, Snobby Robot, Web Series Mag, De Ruting and “Santutxu y +” will choose among all web series of the contest, in the categories of OFFICIAL SELECTION and AMETSA and conduct an exclusive interview. Two awards are selected by the director of Festival Miami Web Fest and Latino Web Fest from all, with the official direct selection for them.

13- This festival is not exclusive to any other award show or ceremony.

14- Each web series or trailer must enter an individual submission. In the web series case, there will be only ONE SEASON presented to the festival with each submission, preferably the webseries’ first season.


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