Honorary Awards - Bilbao Web Fest

The Bilbao Web Fest Honorary Awards are some distinctions that the Festival Committee is giving to recognize the work or merit of a series and its creators in the webseries community.

These unprecedented awards try to acknowledge our community pioneers and their hard work.


“Cálico Electrónico”  is a pioneer spanish webseries. Hailed by critics and audiences, this flash-animated webseries was born in 2004, a time when that term didn’t even exist.

Its creator, Niko, laid the foundation stone for an extensive webseries generation to follow his footsteps.

Cálico Electrónico - Bilbao Web Fest
Qué Vida Más Triste - Bilbao Web Fest


“Qué vida más triste”
is the first Spanish webseries that managed to jump to television in 2008. After 3 successful seasons on the Internet, it got another 4 in La Sexta, a major TV broadcasting channel. A milestone for the world of the webseries that deserves our recognition.

Its creator Rubén Ontiveros managed to give us hope and made creators dream, with new hopes.

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